Atmospheric Chemistry at Oklahoma State University
Dan Pearce | CC 2.0
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Our group investigates the chemical, physical, and optical properties

of atmospheric aerosol particles, motivated by their impact

on climate and human health.

May 2023 | Nathan Huskins, Colton Calvert, Katrina Betz, Elijah Schnitzler, Jace Barton, Sithumi Liyanage, Habeeb Al-Mashala
April 2022 | Colton Calvert, Sithumi Liyanage, Elevia Bruce, Elijah Schnitzler, Habeeb Al-Mashala, Nathan Huskins, Katrina Betz

Our group identity

  In addition to strengths in decision-making based on logic and rationale, which are widely esteemed across the physical sciences, strengths in decision-making based on values are also appreciated in our group.   Our individual and group values are our greatest motivation to contribute to the community’s understanding of the effects of aerosols on air quality and climate change, which impact everyone’s health and wellbeing.   Our core values include empathy and inclusion, so we are excited that our group benefits from the diverse backgrounds, strengths, and identities of our members, and we do our best to support one another, hoping that no one feels isolated or overlooked, from the classroom to the conference setting.   We recognize that laboratory research elevates our risk of chronic and severe stress, and we do our best to guard each other from experiencing exhaustion, discouragement, and dread by fostering a healthy, sustainable work-life balance and a broad perspective.    We understand that nourishment in research does not originate only from positive results and productivity but largely through authenticity and community, feeling that our strengths, attributes, and identities are genuinely perceived and valued.   We believe that advanced studies are meaningful not only for our technical skills and formal credentials but also for our personal development, leveraging our strengths and advancing in our areas of growth.   We affirm that our paths to success and fulfillment as scientists are unique, and our progress along the way is often non-linear, so we encourage each other through low-points and celebrate achievements together.
Schnitzler Research Group