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Work prior to joining OSU in the field of atmospheric chemistry
22. Evoy, E.; Kiland, K. J.; Huang, Y.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Maclean, A.; Kamal, S.; Abbatt, J. P. D.; Bertram, A. K.* Diffusion coefficients and mixing times of organic molecules in β-caryophyllene secondary organic aerosol (SOA) and biomass burning organic aerosol (BBOA). ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2021, 5, 3268–3278. [subscription access] 21. Schnitzler, E. G.*; Liu, T.; Hems, R. F.; Abbatt, J. P. D. Heterogeneous OH oxidation of primary brown carbon aerosol: Effects of relative humidity and volatility. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, 2020, 22, 2162–2171. [subscription access] | Selected as a 2020 ESPI Hot Article. | Selected for Emerging Investigator Series. 20. Hems, R. F.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Bastawrous, M.; Soong, R.; Simpson, A. J.; Abbatt, J. P. D.* Aqueous photoreactions of wood smoke brown carbon. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2020, 4, 1149–1160. [subscription access] 19. Davis, Z.*; Frieß, U.; Strawbridge, K.; Aggarwaal, M.; Baray, S.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Lobo, A.; Fioletov, V. E.; Abboud, I.; McLinden, C. A.; Whiteway, J.; Willis, M. D.; Lee, A. K. Y.; Brook, J.; Olfert, J.; O’Brien, J.; Staebler, R.; Osthoff, H. D.; Mihele, C.; McLaren, R. Validation of MAX-DOAS retrievals of aerosol extinction, SO 2  and NO 2  through comparison with lidar, sun photometer, Active-DOAS and aircraft measurements in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2020, 13, 1129-1155. [open access] 18. Trofimova, A.; Hems, R. F.; Liu, T.; Abbatt, J. P. D.*; Schnitzler, E. G.* Contribution of charge-transfer complexes to absorptivity of primary brown carbon aerosol. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2019, 3, 1393-1401. [subscription access] | Invited for Special Issue: New Advances in Organic Aerosol Chemistry.  17. Tokarek, T. W.; Odame-Ankrah, C. A.; Huo, J. A.; McLaren, R.; Lee, A. K. Y.; Adam, M. G.; Willis, M. D.; Abbatt, J. P. D.; Mihele, C.; Darlington, A.; Mittermeier, R. L.; Strawbridge, K.; Hayden, K. L.; Olfert, J. S.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Brownsey, D. K.; Assad, F. V.; Wentworth, G. R.; Tevlin, A. G.; Worthy, D. E. J.; Li, S.-M.; Liggio, J.; Brook, J. R.; Osthoff, H. D.* Principal component analysis of summertime ground site measurements in the Athabasca oil sands with a focus on analytically unresolved intermediate-volatility organic compounds. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2018, 18, 17819-17841. [open access] 16. Schnitzler, E. G.; Abbatt, J. P. D.* Heterogeneous OH oxidation of secondary brown carbon aerosol. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2018, 18, 14539-14553. [open access] 15. Broda, K.; Olfert, J. S.*; Irwin, M.; Schill, G.; McMeeking, G.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Jäger, W. A novel inversion method to determine the mass distribution of non-refractory coatings on refractory black carbon using a centrifugal particle mass analyzer and single particle soot photometer. Aerosol Science and Technology, 2018, 52, 567-578. [open access] | Selected as a 2018 AS&T Notable Paper. 14. Leung, K. K.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Jäger, W.; Olfert, J. S.* Relative humidity dependence of soot aggregate restructuring induced by secondary organic aerosol: effects of water on coating viscosity and surface tension. Environmental Science and Technology Letters, 2017, 4, 386-390. [subscription access] 13. Leung, K. K.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Dastanpour, R.; Rogak, S. N.; Jäger, W.; Olfert, J. S.* Relationship between coating- induced soot aggregate restructuring and primary particle number. Environmental Science and Technology, 2017, 51, 8376-8383. [subscription access] 12. Schnitzler, E. G.; Gac, J.; Jäger, W.* Coating surface tension dependence of soot aggregate restructuring. The Journal of Aerosol Science, 2017, 106, 43-55. [subscription access] 11. Schnitzler, E. G.; Dutt, A.; Charbonneau, A. M.; Olfert, J. S.; Jäger, W.* Soot aggregate restructuring due to coatings of secondary organic aerosol derived from aromatic precursors. Environmental Science and Technology, 2014, 48, 14309-14316. [subscription access] 10. Nejad, B. M.*; Parsons, M. T.; Sydoryk, I.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Lim, A.; Tulip, J.; Jäger, W.; McDonald, K. M. Monitoring multiple trace gas species during secondary organic aerosol formation in a smog simulation chamber using mid- IR laser and UV spectroscopic methods. In Lasers, Sources, and Related Photonic Devices, OSA Technical Digest, 2012, LT5B.6 (3 pp). [subscription access] 9. Schnitzler, E. G.; McDonald, K. M.* Characterization of low-temperature vapour pressure estimates for secondary organic aerosol applications. Atmospheric Environment, 2012, 56, 9-15. [subscription access]
8. Schnitzler, E. G.; Seifert, N. A.; Kusuma, I.; Jäger, W.* Rotational spectroscopy of p-toluic acid and its 1:1 complex with water. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2017, 121, 8625-8631. [subscription access] 7. Schnitzler, E. G.; Seifert, N. A.; Ghosh, S.; Thomas, J.; Xu, Y.; Jäger, W.* Hydration of the simplest α-keto acid: A rotational spectroscopic and ab initio study of the pyruvic acid-water complex. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017, 19, 4440-4446. [subscription access] 6. Thomas, J.; Carrillo, M. J.; Serrato III, A; Schnitzler, E. G.; Jäger, W.*; Xu, Y.*; Lin, W.* Conformational analysis of 3,3,3-trifluoro-2-(trifluoromethyl)propanoic acid. Chemical Physics Letters, 2016, 661, 210-214. [subscription access] 5. Schnitzler, E. G.; Badran, C.; Jäger, W.* Contrasting effects of water on the barriers to decarboxylation of two oxalic acid monohydrates: A combined rotational spectroscopic and ab initio study. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2016, 7, 1143-1147. [subscription access] 4. Schnitzler, E. G.; Zenchyzen, B. L. M.; Jäger, W.* Rotational spectroscopy of the atmospheric photo-oxidation product o-toluic acid and its monohydrate. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016, 18, 448-457. [subscription access] 3. Schnitzler, E. G.; Poopari, M. R.; Xu, Y.*; Jäger, W.* Rotational spectroscopy of methyl benzoylformate and methyl mandelate: structure and internal dynamics of a model reactant and product of enantioselective reduction. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015, 17, 21942-21949. [subscription access] 2. Schnitzler, E. G.; Zenchyzen, B. L. M.; Jäger, W.* High-resolution Fourier-transform microwave spectroscopy of methyl- and dimethylnaphthalenes. The Astrophysical Journal, 2015, 805, 141 (6 pp). [subscription access] 1. Schnitzler, E. G.; Jäger, W.* The benzoic acid-water complex: A potential atmospheric nucleation precursor studied using microwave spectroscopy and ab initio calculations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014, 16, 2305-2314. [subscription access]
Work prior to joining OSU in the field of rotational spectroscopy
Work at OSU
25. Al-Mashala, H. H.; Boone, A. M.; Schnitzler, E. G.* Reactive uptake of ozone to azo dyes in a coated-wall flow tube. Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, Accepted. 24. Hems, R. F.*; Schnitzler, E. G.*; Liu-Kang, C.; Cappa, C. D.; Abbatt, J. P. D. Aging of atmospheric brown carbon aerosol. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 2021, 5, 722–748. [subscription access] | Review article invited for Mario Molina Memorial Virtual Special Issue.  23. Starns, H. D.*; Tolleson, D. R.; Agnew, R. J.; Schnitzler, E. G.; Weir, J. R. Smoke in the Great Plains, USA: An increasing phenomenon with potential policy and public health implications. Fire Ecology, 2020, 16, 12 (7 pp). [open access] | Forum article selected for Special Collection: Frontiers in Fire Ecology.
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